How many times have you thought to yourself, “I really want that job, but I could never get it”? The very fact that you don’t believe you could land your dream job may be what’s holding you back. That’s because fear is a very real presence standing in your way, and I am not talking about a fear of spiders or heights. I am referring to fear of failure, success, others’ opinions, etc. We all have something we fear, and we all watch it keep us from getting what we really want in life.

It’s time to unlock your true potential and go after those things that you want. This book addresses how you can overcome your own fears. Are you ready to go after that dream job? You will be by the end of this guide.

This book offers a tried and true, sure shot method of getting to where you want to be. Discuss such things with you as the following:


  • Your attitude
  • Your motivation
  • Your confidence
  • Your job search
  • Your first impression
  • Your communication


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“A helpful and well-written manual, Cook cuts to the chase and offers direct, practical and entertaining advice for job hunters and people who are looking for something better in their professional lives. While this book will be very useful to people who are looking for jobs—particularly younger people, I think—it could easily serve as a manual on how to accomplish any goal in life, and to generally live life well.” Self-Publishing Review, 4 Stars